General Membership

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For an annual fee of $25 CAD, general members will receive access to TSIC's comprehensive training workshops, such as the Valuation Bootcamp, Recruiting 101, and the Fintech Symposium.


valuation bootcamp

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Valuing a company is not an easy task. TSIC hosts a series of workshops for its members to familiarize themselves with a range of finance concepts that are practical and are used by professionals. The workshops will cover accounting concepts, valuation methodologies, M&A modelling, investment theses development, and other corporate finance topics.

Recruiting 101

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The finance recruiting is a competitive process. At TSIC, we prepare our members with the necessary technical and soft skills required to succeed in the process. Recruiting 101 sessions will be led by upper-year associates who have recently found success in the process. 

fintech symposium

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There is no doubt that technology is a leading factor driving changes in the financial services industry. Every year, TSIC invites fintech experts (crypto-currency traders and exchanges) to discuss topics including cryptocurrency valuation, the future of blockchain, and employment opportunities within the sector.